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Pilot Heat Erasable Pens

Pilot Heat Erasable Pens

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Pilot FriXion Fineliner Marker Pen: An erasable fine point marker pen, featuring a unique thermo-sensitive ink formula. No wear or tear so you can erase and rewrite until it's right without ruining the page. The FriXion Fineliner pen has a durable writing tip and delivers crisp, erasable lines ideal for grading papers and creating bullet journal spreads. Package contains 4 Pilot FriXion Fineliner Fine Point Erasable Marker Pens in black ink. 

Pilot FriXion Ball-Point Erasable Gel Pen. These pens allow you to erase and rewrite repeatedly without damaging documents. The thermo-sensitive gel ink formula disappears with the erasing friction of a rubber tail plug eraser on the pen. Erasing leaves no residue or debris.  0.7mm black gel pens. 

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